Hands-on Course in Electron Microscopy - Basics and Application


In completion to the lecture on Electron microscopy 40537 the TEM techniques are applied in a hands-on course. Two TEM machines are available. The TEM/STEM Hitachi H-8110 is utilized for conventional techniques. The TEM/STEM JEOL JEM2200FS is used for spectroscopy-based methods. The course comprises the alignment of a TEM and the performance of selected TEM methods including TED, CTEM, HRTEM, STEM, EDXS, EELS, and EFTEM.


Attendance of the Lecture on Electron microscopy 40537.

Assigned modules:

P23.2 und P23.2.2

Effort, credit points; Exam / major course assessment:

4 SWS, 0 SP/ECTS (ECTS points attainable in combination with the lecture on Electron Microscopy)


Dr. Holm Kirmse, New. 15, 3´308, 7641, holm.kirmse (at) physik.hu-berlin.de


D.B. Williams, C.B. Carter. Transmission electron microscopy. Plenum Press, New York 1996; ISBN 0-306-45324-X
B. Fultz, J.M. Howe. Transmission electron microscopy and diffractometry of materials. 2nd edition, Springer 2002; ISBN3-540-43764-9

PDF files

Course program

Short manuals of the TEMs: JEOL TEM/STEM 2200FS , HITACHI TEM/STEM H8110