Venue of the School

The Autumn School is held at Berlin-Adlershof, at the new campus (see map) which is a place of long tradition of science and engineering. The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science I of the Humboldt University of Berlin including the Institute of Physics is located here since 2003.

The Way to the Venue of the Autumn School

The school is held in the south-east of Berlin on the area of "Wissenschafts- und Technologiepark (Wista) Berlin-Adlershof", near to the "S-Bahnhof Adlershof", a station of the city train.
The address of the conference building is:

LCP (Lehrgebaeude Chemie/Physik)
Newtonstrasse 14
12489 Berlin

Please, see city map. Type in the fields PLZ: 12489 and Strasse: Newtonstrasse 14 and click Finden! to see the location of the campus.

Different Ways of Transport:

By Public Transport
You go up to "S-Bahnhof Adlershof", a station of the city train. From there you will have a 15 minutes walk along the street "Rudower Chaussee", beginning at the railway underpass. Coming from the S-Bahnhof, the building is on the right side of the street near the bus stop "Magnusstraße". You need only one ticket for the whole journey by city bus, underground or city train. The fare is 2,20 €. For the way to "S-Bahnhof Adlershof" see the descriptions below. 

By Taxi
From Berlin-Tegel Airport it takes about 45 to 120 minutes (depending on the density of traffic) and costs about 50 to 60 €. 

By Car
On route B96a you go up to "S-Bahnhof Adlershof", from there through the railway underpass to the street "Rudower Chaussee". The Newtonstrasse is on the right side of the street near the bus stop "Magnusstraße".

The Way from the Airport or Railway Station to "S-Bahnhof Adlershof":

From Berlin-Tegel Airport:
Take bus No. X9 to "U+S-Bahnhof Jungfernheide". Go to the S-Bahnhof (not to the underground station!) and take the city-train S-Bahn S45 (direction "Schönefeld") or S46 (direction "Königs Wusterhausen") to "S-Bahnhof Adlershof". 

From Berlin-Tempelhof Airport:
By underground U-Bahn U6 from "Platz der Luftbrücke" in direction "Alt-Mariendorf" up to the station "Tempelhof". From there by city train S-Bahn S45 (direction "Schönefeld") or S46 (direction "Königs Wusterhausen") to "S-Bahnhof Adlershof".

From Berlin-Schönefeld Airport:
By city train S-Bahn S9 or S45 to "S-Bahnhof Adlershof" (3 stops).

From the Railway Stations Ostbahnhof, Friedrichstraße or Zoologischer Garten:
By city train S-Bahn S9 (direction "Schönefeld") to "S-Bahnhof Adlershof".

From the Railway Station Lichtenberg:
By city train S-Bahn S5, S7 or S75 to "S-Bahnhof Ostkreuz". From there by S-Bahn S8 (upper platform, directions "Grünau" or “Zeuthen”) to "S-Bahnhof Adlershof".

From the Central Bus station (ZOB):
Go to the underground station "Kaiserdamm" of the underground line U2. Buy a ticket "Einzelfahrausweis" / "Einzelfahrschein" for the region AB (2,20 €). Take a train into direction "Pankow". Leave at "Zoologischer Garten" (duration ca. 10 min). Change to the city train "S-Bahn" upstairs. Take the train S9 into direction "Schönefeld" and leave at station Adlershof after ca. 40 min.

Venue of Berlin

The capital of Germany, Berlin is the premier political, commercial, and cultural center. It is the seat of the German Federal Government and Parliament. Recreational and cultural opportunities suiting a wide range of tastes are available in Berlin. These include classical and contemporary music, theater, opera, fine dining, the Museum Island, the Zoological Garden/Aquarium, Unter den Linden and Kurfürstendamm.