Poster presentation

Posters are presented as both short oral contributions as well as during two extended Poster sessions in order to provide a maximum of opportunities for intense discussion.

Oral presentation: 
time: 3 minutes
projection: powerpoint (office2000) or paper printouts for visualizer, important: transparencies are less suitable for projection!

Poster presentation:
Size of the poster boards: height: 122 cm, width: 94 cm
The space available corresponds to a poster of the usual format Portrait A0.

The posters should be mounted as soon as possible on Monday. Mind your poster number as indicated on the poster list enclosed in your conference materials! Please, affix your poster at the poster board having the according number.

All authors with an even poster number should present their posters in session I (Wednesday, October 6th, 16.00 h 17.00 h). The posters with an odd number have to be presented in session II (Wednesday, October 6th, 17.00 h 18.00 h).


Poster No

Author / Title


J. Wojewoda, et al.
Transmission Electron Microscopy Investigation of the Diffusion Soldered Interconnections


C. Mickel, et al.
TEM- Characterization of the Quasicrystalline Phase in Zr- Ti- Nb- Cu- Ni- Melt Spun Glassy Ribbons


P. Gushterova, et al.
On determination of optical constants of very thin (lambda/50) metalic films


M. Deanko, et al.
Quantification of nanocrystalline metallic systems by X-ray and electron diffraction


O. Abrosimov, et al.
Advanced technique for a quantitative characterisation of filamentous materials morphology by transmission electron microscopy


M. Wozniak, et al.
Encapsulates: Nd-Fe-B@C and Fe@C for drug delivery systems, study of structure, chemical composition and magnetic properties


B. Schaffer, et al.
High energy resolution EFTEM images series on graphite in the plasmon energy-loss region


P. Hrncirik, et al.
Scanning transmission electron microscopy of thin films on electron-volt energies


T. Torunski, et al.
Detection of strain fields in metastable (GaIn)(NAs) investigated by Dark Field TEM


D. Popova, et al.
Analyses of threading dislocation density in GaN/Al2O3 in heterostructures grown under different growth conditions


A. Laszcz, et al.
Transmission electron microscopy analysis of MOSFET structures


V. Nevedomsky, et al.
Transmission electron microscopy investigations of unstable InGaAsP epitaxial layers and calculation of image contrast


M. Wzorek, et al.
TEM study of implanted silicon applied to piezoresistors manufacturing


K. Garbuzov, et al.
In-situ REM study of step bunching induced by gold deposition on the Si(111)


I. Brauer, et al.
SnO2 nanorods and nanospheres covered with iron oxide - Structural and chemical analysis


X. Zhu, et al.
Microstructure of epitaxially grown tri- and multi-layered ferroelectric thin films


C. Gspan, et al.
Superstructure and Domains in La0.4Sr0.6CoO3-d


A. Gajovic, et al.
Microstructure and morphology of thermochemically formed IrO2 and Ir


A. Lysova, et al.
NMR imaging as a tool to the in situ study of catalytic reactions


S. Kac, et al.
Structure and properties of the bronze laser alloyed with titanium


M. Ilieva, et al.
Copper modification of a conducting polymer (poly-3,4 ethylenedioxythiophene) at the atomic scale


M. Rozmus, et al.
Mechanical alloying of intermetallics Nb-Ti-Al


B. Njegic, et al.
The precipitation of calcium carbonate polymorphs under the influence of polyamino acids


I. Konvalina, et al.
Influence of magnetic and electrostatic fields in the specimen vicinity on trajectories of secondary electrons in SEM


V. Nedela, et al.
Methods of observation water containing specimens in ESEM


A. Santic, et al.
Transition from electronic to ionic conduction in Na2O-PbO-Fe2O3-P2O5 glasses


R. Kosydar, et al.
Influence of deposition conditions onto boron nitride coatings
prepared by PLD technique